Workshops & Keynotes

Welcome to the IEEE SCLA (Sustainable Cities Latin America)

We are thrilled to announce that we are now open to receiving workshop proposals for our congress. We invite researchers, academics, and professionals who are passionate about the topic of sustainable cities in Latin America to share their knowledge and experiences through interactive and engaging workshops.

Workshops are a fundamental part of the IEEE SCLA Congress, offering the opportunity to delve into specific topics in depth, stimulate discussions, and foster collaborations. We encourage proposals that address relevant challenges, innovative solutions, best practices, and cutting-edge research related to urban sustainability in the region.

By participating in the IEEE SCLA Congress and conducting a workshop, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with a diverse audience of researchers, professionals, and academics in the field. Additionally, you will have the chance to establish contacts and collaborations with renowned experts, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and positive impact in our cities.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop during the IEEE SCLA Congress, we invite you to submit your proposal. Your contribution will be essential in enriching the event program and providing a rewarding experience for the participants.

Proposals should be prepared in a two-page Extended Abstract format (Introduction, Justification, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion). Please follow the IEEE template available at:

To submit your proposal, access the form: Link:

The IEEE SCLA Congress also welcomes proposals from various knowledge areas, not restricted to the event topics.

We look forward to receiving your creative and innovative proposals and joining forces to shape a more sustainable future for cities in Latin America.

Join us at the IEEE SCLA Congress and be part of this important discussion on sustainable cities!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee